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【Brand Story】XinYiMei – Creator of Romantic Wedding Furniture

Wedding furniture Supplier – Customize What You Want

Brand Story of the Romantic Creator Wedding Furniture Supplier

Wedding furniture Supplier

    The development of the world economy has promoted the sweet industry of wedding planning. There are different forms and cultures of weddings in different countries and different religions while the essence is all the same, that is, “love.” As a component of a wedding ceremony, wedding furniture also plays an important role which can not be ignored for sure. Adhering to the mission of “Bring the world new couple with a fantastic wedding”, XinYiMei Furniture takes every producing step seriously from selection, production, testing to packaging in order to make every wedding ceremony perfect. Considering that many wedding ceremonies are entrusted to the third-party planning companies to undertake, XinYiMei’s products are developed and optimized with the features of safety, practicality, durability and diversity compared with other brand’s furniture. Over the last 15 years, XinYiMei’s products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Australia, Malaysia and Ghana. Nowadays, XinYiMei, a company which has won the fame of quality and style, has become a famous wedding furniture supplier brand at home and abroad.


Never Forget Why You Started, And Your Mission Can Be Accomplished

    There is a tough and moving story behind the success of XINYIMEI. About 10 years ago, Andy met Ting. They fall in love with each other and decided to get marry to build a sweet family belonging to them. But Andy, who has just started a business, his economic condition didn’t allow them to hold a wonderful wedding just like what they imagined to be perfect. And it had become a small regret in their hearts. To make up for this regret, Andy decided to transform his foreign trade company into specializing in wedding furniture and decorations. Ting also strongly supported with Andy so she resigned her previous job and became their company’s foreign trade sales in person. The period of the start-up was indeed a huge challenge for them. They worked day and night to look for potential customers and suitable products everywhere at the same time. Since the company was understaffed, they had to help with unloading, packaging, loading and so on. By the time they received the first feedback message from their customers, who was holding an outdoor wedding in the UK, they could see the new couple and every guest at the banquet bursting into a bright smile. They finally felt relieved, and they firmly believed in continuing their wedding furniture business. Under the management of Andy and Ting, the company thrives. After the one-year-long transformation, they set up their own factories. In fact, during the period of the start-up, they got familiar with products more and had understood what kind of products they would like to produce. Until now, Andy still insists on going to the production workshop every day to inspect and supervise the process of production, and checks the quality of the products in person.


Improve Brand Awareness And Continue To Fulfill Dreams

  Wedding furniture Supplier Wedding furniture Supplier Wedding furniture Supplier

    The interpretation of ”XinYiMei” in Chinese is “appreciating a beautiful event”.  Andy and Ting hope that the furniture they make will bring good luck to all the customers. This pursuit is rooted in the heart of every member in XinYiMei.  In our opinions, every customer’s feedback means a share of love. In 2017, the 10th anniversary of XinYiMei, Andy and Ting founded the sub-brand of XinYiMei -DreamEvent. It inherits the faith and purpose of XinYiMei coherently, offers some free and feasible suggestions and provides comprehensive and quality services for all of our customers! Professional builds our wedding furniture supplier brands, we believe that when we become excellent enough, the brand of “XinYiMei” and “DreamEvent” can be known all over the world!


Teamwork Achieves the Win-Win Future

Wedding furniture Supplier

    XinYiMei is a dynamic team. Andy and Ting believe that the potential of young people is unlimited and they are willing to give chances to young people. Meanwhile, they are striving to create a platform for such a group of ideal young people to realize their dreams. In XinYiMei team, 80% of employees have more than 3 years of foreign wedding furniture supplier trade experience. They are familiar with various foreign trade terms and furniture industry, and able to provide professional and quality services to customers. Besides, XinYiMei values the training and growth of employees and regularly trains employees of all aspects. The improving progress of the team is driving the  development of XinYiMei!


Keep Up With the Trend And Introduce New Ideas

Wedding furniture Supplier

    In the recent years, XinYiMei realized that in addition to the industries like clothing and jewelry , wedding planning is definitely also an up-to-date industry because the style of wedding furniture should be advanced with times. Therefore, the “design and development” of products is the core development strategy of XinYiMei. XinYiMei values experienced industrial designers very much and holds monthly “brainstorming” meetings with all staff to explore new trends and ideas. Combining with the current fashion elements, we have designed a lot of products with different styles to meet different market demands in the world. Fortunately, many of these styles have been recognized by customers, which is the driving force for XinYiMei’s research and development. XinYiMei always believes that innovation can make the world better!


A Modern Factory With High Efficiency

Wedding furniture Supplier

    Over ten years of production experience has made XinYiMei’s production skills increasingly perfect. However, for an efficiency-oriented society, low productivity is being eliminated. Therefore, XinYiMei furniture need to transform and upgrade into a modern factory in order to keep up with the revolution of the times. To meet the growing amount of purchase order demands and achieve intelligent production, XinYiMei factory has purchased a number of automatic production equipment, such us welding robots, automatic injection molding machines. Our automatic production machines is not only efficient, but also stable in performance. They stand for the powerful guarantee of XinYiMei’s products. Our core value is to keep improving.  We have clearly defined the production focus and the function of different production departments combining with XinYiMei’s characteristic, so that every part in the production process can empower the products.