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Wedding Décor Trends For 2020

Wedding Décor Trends For 2020

In 2020, the special year of science fiction has finally arrived and many lovers choose to get marry in this historic year, so what are the Wedding Décor Trends in this year?

Natural Vibes

Wedding Décor

In recent years, the vibe of nature has played an important role in wedding venues. More and more new couples like to choose outdoor places full of rural vibe. In this way, the choice of wooden chairs can well fit with the outdoor scene. Of course, besides, the golden chiavari chair is also a good choice.

Popular Color Scheme

Trend colors in 2020 are White Heron, First Light, Crystalline, Windmill Wings, Buxton Blue, Golden Straw, Thunder, Cushing Green, Oxford Gray, Blue Danube. These low saturation colors will be the mainstream choice for 2020 design.

Flowers And Woods

Wedding Décor

The role of flowers as additional embellishments in wedding arrangements has become more and more important, and we can always see the surprises it brings to us in different wedding occasions. Corresponding to the natural color of the wooden cross back chair or wooden chiavari chair has become the choice of many new couples.

Long Banquet Table

Wedding Décor

The long banquet table has gradually become the new mainstream dining table choice. It can meet the needs of different occasions and be arranged in different shapes, which is even cooler than round tables! Whether indoor or outdoor, long tables are always a good choice. Of course, if you are looking for a wavy long table shape, we can also provide personalized custom services!

Noble Velvet

Wedding Décor

Noble velvet has increasingly appeared in wedding venues in recent years. Not only that, many event venues, including cafes, banquets, etc., have increasingly appeared in it. This new style has gradually become a favorite of people. Velvet products, whether they are chairs or cloth decoration, represent the beauty of light luxury, and can perfectly fit in different places.

Instagram Style

Wedding Décor

The instagram style has gradually become the mantra of the young people in the world, and it has become a life attitude that they chase. The instagram style represents indie hipster, light luxury style, a style looking for something lavish and glamorous to create an uplifting mood. The curtains, flowers, and the combination of nature and modernity are very well in line with such a design – sunlight and wooden seats, white or light blue tablecloths, light flowers dotted the entire occasion, and the curtains fluttered in the wind. 

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