【Product recommendation】5 reasons to choose chiavari chairs

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【Product recommendation】5 reasons to choose chiavari chairs

【Product recommendation】5 reasons to choose chiavari chairs

choose chiavari chairs


1.Great choice for event party choose chiavari chairs

Chiavari chairs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any event. Perfect for wedding , hotel, restaurant, party and so on. Seen in many kinds of occasion, these beauties can transform an average event into an upscale affair. Chiavari chair is known as Kennedy’s wedding, this seat has become a classic element of upscale activity.


2.Elegant design choose chiavari chairs

Classic design, beautiful lines. The best part is, they can be found in just about every color you can imagine. You can choose the right color according to different theme of the event.


3.Lightweight and durable

Chiavari chair is lightweight, strong and durable. Their upholstered seats allow guests to always have enough comfort to enjoy the party! They are easily stackable can be efficiently stored. So it is a good choice for rental. If you buy chiavari chair in Greattime furniture , it can bear 150kgs weight and the use time is at least 5 years in normal.


4.Many decoration ideas

Especially in wedding, even though they’re elegant on their own, many people hope to style chiavari chairs. The arrangement and design of chairs is also a good place for new people to create ideas, not only for wedding themes. They decorate chairs with flowers, ribbons, sashes  and all kinds of ornaments. Compared to other chairs, there are less decorative methods.


5.It can be used indoors or outdoors

With its modern and elegant design, the chiavari chairs look beautiful in an outdoor setting or in an indoor ceremony, and they are a perfect choice no matter where your venue is.


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