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Tips on your wedding background design

Wedding Background Design Useful Tips For The Big Day

In the layout of the wedding scene, the background wall of the main stage must play an important role in it. Therefore, we bring you some useful tips for decorating the wedding background design.

Decide the style of the wedding background design

Wedding background design

In general, the style of the wedding background wall needs to be highly consistent with the overall style of the wedding. Whether it is from the main color or the details of the items, it must be in harmony with the overall style and color. Therefore, when you are preparing to start with the wedding background wall, you must make sure the general style you want.

Identify the type of wedding background

Generally speaking, according to the different items decorated with the background wall, we can roughly divide them into the following four categories:

1. LED background wall

Wedding background design

LED background wall is the most simple and intuitive background wall layout. It can render artificial transformation patterns or play videos according to different occasions and vibes on the scene. It can always attract everyone’s attention and give the guests the most direct experience.

2. Hand-painted background wall

Wedding background design

The hand-painted background wall is a time-consuming and labor-intensive layout. The couples need to draw their own views on love and sweetness at the wedding background wall according to their creative ideas, and share this sweetness to others.

3. Flowers background wall

Wedding background design

The background wall of flowers is the most mainstream layout method at present. It includes many varieties of flowers in order according to the transition of colors, and decorates the background into the shape you want, making the scene more romantic and warm.

4. Alphabet background

Wedding background design

The alphabet background wall is usually a wedding sublimation. The couples can use balloons or other decorations to put out several letters on the background wall, which symbolizes love, romance and happiness between each other, and passes this sweetness to others.


Tips for using background walls

1. Decorated with gauze fabric

Wedding background design

When decorating the background wall, you can use gauze items for decoration. Because the texture of the yarn itself is relatively soft and gives a warm and comfortable feeling, it will make the entire wedding reception scene more relaxed and warm.

2. Decorated with pillars

Wedding background design

When arranging items such as garlands, flowers, lights, etc., you not only need to use hanging methods, but also use column-shaped decorations when necessary. The arrangement of the columns can visually reflect the sense of transparency, so it is easier and smoother for guests’ visual experience.

3. Smart use of irregular stage

In some wedding venues with irregular stages, the couples can use irregular stages to show their personality. The irregular stage is placed in front of the background wall, and through the fusion of the overall atmosphere, a different kind of creativity and texture can be highlighted.

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