The World Intellectual Property Day

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The World Intellectual Property Day

The World Intellectual Property Day

Do you know what day is April 26? Let me tell you that April 26 is The World Intellectual Property Day. The aim is to establish the awareness of respecting for knowledge, advocate for science and protecting intellectual property rights worldwide, as well as build a legal environment of encouraging intellectual innovation and protecting intellectual property rights.

The World Intellectual Property Day

Each year, WIPO will define a theme, and each member country should hold various promotional activities during the World Intellectual Property Day around the theme of the year. The identification of World Intellectual Property Day and carrying our related activities will helps to highlight the role and contribution of intellectual property in the economic, cultural and social development of all countries. And it raise public awareness and understanding of human efforts in this area.


WIPO has released the theme of World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, 2019: “Going for Gold: IP and Sports”. WIPO mentioned that the development of sports companies using patents, designs to promote new sports technologies, new materials, new training methods and new equipment. Athletes use their own brands to generate revenue, and broadcasting rights lay the foundation for the relationship between sports and media, as well as robotics and Subversive technological advances in artificial intelligence have contributed to changes in the field of sports.

The World Intellectual Property Day

What is intellectual property? Intellectual property is the possession of resources  knowledge by means of law.  Therefore, it can protect the legal rights of invention inventor, Stimulate innovation, so that people can actively pursue their next invention.

Intellectual property is around us. So far, Our company has successfully applied for 15 product patents. This year, several new styles designed by ourselves have received good comments, and they are favored by customers and some of them have placed orders for our new chairs. Joining the ranks of intellectual property rights, in order to protect the achievements of invention and prevent others from imitating. This can promote the renewal of products, but also conducive to scientific and technological progress and economic development.  



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In the future, product innovation will be the focus of our company’s development. We always believe that innovation can make the world a better place and bring the world together. Intellectual property rights link innovation together. If you are want to know more about our pantent product, you can click here. 

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