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【Product Introduction】Do you know about the tiffany chair?

Product Introduction】Do you know about the tiffany chair?


As a wedding or event planner, I believe that you has heard of chiavari chair. But do you know that this chair has another name called tiffany chair? Even if you may not be sure what they mean, you may have heard some terms.  

the tiffany chair


The Tiffany Chair is historically known as the Chiavari chair. The history of chiavari chair dates back to 1807, the Italian designer Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. The designer lives in Chiavari in northwestern Italy. He achieved a great design. Due to its design origin, the chair is also known as the Chiavari chair. Latin America and Mexico later coined the term “Tiffany Chair”. Its later production success makes it more commonly known as the great Tiffany Chair. The name sounds very elegant and matches the temperament of the chiavari chair.

the tiffany chair


Tiffany Chairs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any event. This is because the chair has an elegant appearance, is lightweight and can be stacked for easy storage and transportation. In addition, because of the simple design, there are many designs to decorate the chair.

the tiffany chair


The elegance of Tiffany chair is not limited to weddings. We found that tiffany chairs often used for weddings, birthday parties, baptisms, bars and religious occasions, and even business activities. Also, they can be used indoor and outdoor.White tiffany chairs were also the first choice for President barack Obama’s inauguration and the use of tiffany chairs at these high-profile events has led to their popularity today.

the tiffany chair


Greattime Furniture is a reliable manufacturer of high quality Tiffany chairs providing service to customers throughout the country , so you can not only have the high quality and elegant chairs, but also get the most reasonable prices.

the tiffany chair

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