Stainless Steel Round Back Chair With Special Design

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New Stainless Steel Round Back Chair With Special Styles

New Stainless steel round back chair

Ever imagined that there could be two styles of a stainless steel round back chair? This time in March, a new stainless steel chair will be able to realize this idea. The backrest cushion can be removed, so that your chair has two different shapes.

stainless steel round back chair

From the picture above, we can see that the back of this new stainless steel chair has a cross design. After the cushion is removed, you can see the design of the back. Of course, you can choose not to disassemble it, so you can enjoy the cushion bringing you comfort.

This design takes into account the different needs of customers. Not only can there be more matching options on the scene, but it also facilitates long-distance transportation of the product. This design is also very convenient for product installation and storage.

Of course, we also provide a variety of spray colors for you to choose, such as gold, not just the silver color like this one. We always hope to bring you satisfactory personalized customization service.

stainless steel round back chair

Like usual products, we use high-quality stainless steel raw materials and mature full-welding technology. On the basis of ensuring the stability of the structure of the chair products, we use high-quality spray paint to evenly spray the chair products. The color is perfect and even, there are no small bubbles, and the durability of the paint must be ensured. It is not easy to drop paint during use, which affects the beauty of the chair.

stainless steel round back chair

In order to ensure the quality, we also have professional quality inspectors who are responsible for checking the workmanship of the chairs after they are completed. The structure is stable enough to ensure that our products are durable and have perfect appearance.

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