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【Recommend】Stainless steel furniture — the epidemic trend

Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture

【Recommend】Stainless steel furniture — the epidemic trend

      If you are a event planner, you may notice that a numbers of events choose stainless steel furniture recently when you browse the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. That is not surprising, stainless steel furniture with the features of beauty and durability is become more and more popular among Europe and America.

      Choosing furniture takes experience. Different materials call for different attention to details on the make of quality furniture. Although stainless steel furniture is popularly known for use, stainless steel is also used for its form and function; its shine of its finishing grain and its strength.

      Here are important tips on the engineering features on stainless steel chairs to take note.


      Any good weld not only functionally holds stainless steel parts together, it has to be grinned and smoothened around the edges of the joint of the chair frame. This is to ensure the form of the chair remain beautiful.

      Take a closer look and feel that it is smooth around the edges and corners of the weld with your hands to ensure the polish is done properly.

stainless steel furniture


      For the frames of stainless steel chairs, it is usually made using stainless steel tubes. Bending is done to achieve the arcs of the form required of a beautiful chair.

Good bending of steel tube relies a lot on the experience of craftsman using rotary bending machines to achieve consistency of bends.

stainless steel furniture


      Finally, the surface finishing touch is the final feature to check for. Look and feel at the consistency of its grain direction and shine.

      The level of finish is dependent on the ranges of grit belt or wheel finish to produce the level of finish. Architectural finish (also called, brushed, directional or satin finish) can be used for any stainless steel surfaces that to enhance the ambience and mood of your place. Do remember to maintain and care for the finish as it is not 100% scratch-free.

stainless steel furniture

stainless steel furniture

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