Stainless Steel Chairs Purchase Guide

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Stainless Steel Chairs Purchase Guide

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Stainless Steel Chairs Purchase Guide

Stainless steel chairs have become popular these days since they bring a sense of elegant and beauty for the event places. But do you know how to choose a good quality stainless steel chair? What should be noticed when choosing stainless steel chair? We listed several points below for you to consider.

1. Mind the gap

Stainless Steel Chairs

As we can see from the picture, there’s an obvious gap between cushion and the frame of the left one chair, which may cause the cushion easily separate from the chair. It’s not safe for the users when sitting on the chair. However, for our products, we strictly make sure that the cushion is tightly connected with the framework as you can see from the right one. Safety is always our first consideration.

2.Welding and Plating

Stainless Steel Chairs

Welding and plating quality will decide the the warranty of your chairs. Because the poor plating and welding means the easier your chair gets rusty than others. Therefore, take a good look at the welding of the chair and make sure if it feels smooth. You can see from the left one that some obvious rusty spots are on the product. But for our chair, we use advanced welding and plating technology to insure that every piece of our chairs has perfectly finished.

3.Attention to the back

Stainless Steel Chairs

The back of the chair is also an important aspect when choosing, which can’t be ignored as well. Some factories which aim at cutting the cost price may cut corners of their products. Like the left one, a big gap between the back cushion and the framework destroys the beauty of chair, which may also leave people the unprofessional impression on the sellers. On the other hand, you can see the perfect stitching can make the products look more generous and elegant just like the right one.

4.Inside the cushion

Stainless Steel Chairs

In addition to the above points, you should also pay attention to what’s inside the chair’s cushion. It means that the quality of the material in the cushion also plays an important role of the chair. Because it directly decides the feeling when sitting on the chair. Therefore, inferior regenerated cotton with poor resilience is not a good choice to bring the soft feeling and the long warranty. For us, we use high quality sponge with strong resilience to insure that it feels comfortable and is durable.

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