Easter is comming, here are something about Easter

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【Easter】Something about Easter

Something about Easter

Something about Easter

Introduction of Easter

Easter is a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus and the most important festival of Christianity. According to the Bible, Jesus, the Son of God, was born in the manger. When he was thirty, he chose twelve students and began to preach. In three and a half years, he healed, preached, and cast out demons, helping people in need, and telling the truth of heaven. It was not until the time of God’s arrangement that Jesus Christ was betrayed by the disciples Judas, captured, interrogated, and crucified by the Roman soldiers. Before he died, he predicted that he would rise again after three days. Sure enough, on the third day, Jesus was resurrected! According to the interpretation of the Bible, Jesus Christ is the Son of the Incarnation. In the world to be the sin of the world, to become the sin of the world, this is why Easter is so important.

Although Jesus was crucified like a prisoner, he died not because he was guilty, but because he had to make atonement for the world according to God’s plan. Now he is raised from the dead, saying that he succeeded in ransoming us. Anyone who trusts in him and confesses to him can be forgiven by God. And the resurrection of Jesus means that he has overcome death, so anyone who trusts in him has eternal life, that is, he can be with Jesus forever. Because Jesus is still alive, so he can hear our prayers to him, will look after our daily life, give us strength, and let every day be filled with hope.


Custom of Easter

In the past, in most Western countries, Easter was generally held in a grand religious procession. The marchers wore robes, held the cross, and marched barefoot. They dressed as Christian historical figures and sang hymns to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Today, the festival parade has lost the strong religious color of the past. The festive parade is filled with a festive atmosphere, with strong folk characteristics and local characteristics.

In the United States, there are clowns wearing denim jackets and stilts in the parade, as well as lively and cute cartoon characters Mickey Mouse. In the United Kingdom, the parade mostly introduces the history and local customs of the local Easter eggs. The parade costumes become the Scottish bagpipes and the guardians of the palace, attracting many tourists.

The arrival of Easter has also caused people to put on new clothes. In the past, Christians went to church to baptize before the festival, and then put on their new robe to celebrate the birth of Christ. The practice of wearing a new custom has been preserved to this day, because people think that it is necessary to carry out the new clothes without the new clothes.

During Easter, people also like to thoroughly clean their homes, indicating that the new life begins.

During the festival, people cooked eggs according to traditional customs and painted red, which means that the swan is crying, and it also shows the happiness of the goddess of life after the birth of the goddess; adults and children gather in groups in one place, playing with eggs; they put the eggs Put it on the ground or on the slope of the soil. The last rupture is the winner. The winner can get the eggs of all the players.




In the Bavarian region of Germany, every year the Easter residents hold a torch race to celebrate the regeneration of Jesus. The Luketai Easter Hot Wheels in North Rhine-Westphalia are even more famous. The six giant wooden wheels were ignited by the fire and rolled down the valley. Just like the six fireballs descended from the sky, the dark valley was illuminated by the big firewheels. It was radiant with the colorful fireworks, once again showing that the fire brought new life to mankind.

As the only ethnic minority in Sobe, the Sorbian people celebrated the resurrection of Jesus in the form of a singer. One of the Sorbian people wearing black tops and black top hats, riding on the horses decorated with ribbons, flowers and white shells, the Sorbian people marched on the forest path. As they walked, they sang hymns with a thick and powerful voice, and the scene was spectacular.


Mascots of Easter

Resurrection Rabbit (Bunny Rabbit): According to the ancient legend of Europe, the hare is an animal that does not close the eyes all the time. They can watch other animals around in the dark. Therefore, the hare represents a round of chasing in the night. Bright moon. In addition, the calculation of Easter days is based on the spring full moon, so the hare with strong spring fertility is regarded as a symbol of Easter. After the custom was introduced to the United States, the Americans also took a lovely name for the rabbit, calling it the Bonnie Rabbit of Easter!


Easter eggs: Since the 12th century, people in many European countries have begun to give each other the habit of giving up Easter eggs. Eggs symbolize new life. The hard eggshell cannot limit the new life that is being bred inside. Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins and buried in the tomb, but the tomb could not hold him. He was resurrected on the third day, so that everyone who believes in him will receive a new life. Eggs have become one of the symbols commonly used in Easter. Egg means the arrival of spring and the birth of a new life, and symbolizes that Jesus rose from the dead and walked out of the stone tomb.


Lily: Lily symbolizes sacredness and purity. People love the resurrection of rabbits that represent Jesus Christ in the spring and Easter. The lily, shaped like a horn, is also like the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Bread: Bread makes Christians think that Jesus is the living food of eternal life. In many European countries, Easter usually has a special Easter bread, which is painted with the words of Christ Jesus, the cross, or the pattern of the lamb to commemorate Christ.


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