Shipping News | Pacific Express 3 Service Is Expanding

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【News】Pacific Express 3 Service Is Going To Be Expanded

Shipping News | Pacific Express 3 Service Is Expanding

Shipping News – Pacific Express 3 Service will add Tampa Port into their service list

The CMA CDM Company is going to add Tampa to the Pacific Express 3 service in May, which will help boost the economy of the markets around the Gulf of Mexico, especially Tampa and Orlando, and the cooperation with Asia.

Since COSCO has started the weekly freight service with Tampa last month, the CMA CDM’s recent decision will be another big trial for the expansion of the port’s services. This is going to have a great impact and more business opportunities will be bring.

Shipping News

CMA CGM Company is one of the biggest container shipping companies all over the world and offering freight services for more than 160 countries and areas right now. It owns over 500 ships and each of them can accommodate 8500-9500 containers. Although many of them aren’t destined for Tampa, they are still the largest ever for the port.

Shipping News

It is said that, not just the Gulf of Mexico, the CMA CDM Company will further expand the Pacific 3 service from Singapore, VungTàu of Vietnam, Hong Kong, She Kou, Ningbo, Shanghai of China, Busan of Korea, Panama, Houston, Alaska , New Orleans, Tampa to Miami.

Shipping News

The notice also mentions that the new service will promote the close cooperation between Asia and Florida’s international trade, which will make it easier for shippers from Florida go into the Asian markets to contact directly. As a result, the commodities with more competitive price will flow into these markets.

With the larger shipping network and more advanced equipment, the efficiency to deal with containers of the ports will be greatly improved. And it also means the better economic incomes and development for those areas.

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