Resin Folding Chair - The good choice for outdoor event

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Resin Folding Chair – The good choice for outdoor event

Resin Folding Chair – The good choice for outdoor event

Resin folding chair have always been the most popular one for outdoor event.

resin folding chair

This resin folding chair is also called Wimbledon chair. This chairs are currently trending in South Africa and Across the World. Event Planning and catering company  have been using it for garden, beach and outdoor events.

The resin folding chair is elegant and classy. It also gives a warm, cozy feeling that just about everyone loves. This chair can maximize your venue and bring everyone together in a cozy way.

resin folding chair

They are lightweight and easy to transport. They can be folded up and cleared away quickly. Setting up and cleaning up is the most cumbersome part of any event. Large and heavy furniture is sometimes the worst part. By choosing this folding chairs, you decide to make the whole process easier.

The resin folding chair is durable and easy to clean. The warranty period is more than 3 years. If you are event renter, it can save costs. Even if the chair is stained from event such as wine or juice, it’s easy to clean up.

resin folding chair

You can decorate them according to the theme of the event. The resin folding chair looks simple, so you can personalize it to your own content. It is a good choice to drape fabric, lace, and flowers down the backs of the chairs for a stunning look.

resin folding chair

Our resin folding chair is made with high quality resin materials for stability and strength. It is a good choice for your event hire and catering purposes.The weight of the chair is 4kg. And it can load more than 250kg. The seating plate is made of PU leather and sponge, which makes the seating feel comfortable and soft. There are many colors can be chosen. It can also be produced according to the color provided by customers.

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