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【Product Introduction】Look, how did this man treated to the resin chair!

How Much Weight Can Our Resin Chair Bear?

Do you wonder how much weight our resin chair can bear? 

From video we can see that no matter how the man throw and trample on the chair, the chair is still intact. The resin chiavari chairs we sale is durable and long lasting. Also, our chairs passed the SGS test. It turns out that you don’t have to worry about the quality of our resin chair.

Different from traditional colorful chiavari chairs, the clear ones are transparent like a crystal, which makes your wedding ceremony fancy and unique. In addition, their transparent appearance varies with their surroundings.The resin chiavari chair are suitable for different occasion, they can be used indoor and outdoor. So it is the good choice for your wedding event. 

resin chair


Our chair is produced with 100% virgin Polycarbonate which makes the chair very strong and the design is very stable. The bearing capacity of our resin chair is more than 250 kgs. The material is high transparency,no impurities , UV resistant to prevent fading and discoloration and 100% Waterproof. Using screw connection to tighten and the chair will not shake. Compares with other factory, Our chairs have fewer bubbles, Other people’s chairs are yellow multi-bubbles. Our chairs are heavier than others’ chairs. Our factory uses special process control and minimizes air bubbles to make the chair frame clear. Basically, the more random the bubbles are, the more unstable the frame. The size of our seat is 41(W)*41(D) cm. The size of others is 40(W)*39(D) cm. So our chairs are more comfortable and durable.  

resin chair


After testing many different options and manufacturing processes, We use hexagonal hand to twist screws to make the link of the chair stronger without worrying that the loose screw or pivot point will be loosened over time. After improvement, the sitting part is more flexible and the weight is 1.28 KGS. We optimize the process, pressurized and current, and the density of chair is greater. Each resin chair is tested by our best QC department staff before leaving our factory.  

Great Time furniture always strives for perfection in production. From the raw materials care selection, to the high quality control of finished products. All the processes provided the high quality guarantees for Great Time’s products. 


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