【Congratulation】The promotion came to a successful conclusion

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【Congratulation】The promotion came to a successful conclusion

【Congratulation】The promotion came to a successful conclusion


The special promotions of“ XYM Crazy September”concluded with perfect ending.

During this promotion month, all departments of our company cooperated with each other, everyone were proactive in their jobs and did their best. Because more people wanted to buy products during the event than usual. Our salesmen took turns on duty, they didn’t let any chance slip through their fingers. They were committed to providing the best service to customers at all times. In addition, sometimes even if they meet all kinds of difficulties, they have not given up and tried to resolve. There were regular meetings in every weekend this month, we put forward to solve some problems and proposal.

After a month of efforts, the total performance targets achieved in advance, as well as every salesmen achieved their goals. During the procurement section, in order to motivate people’s enthusiasm and initiative, our company held a “XYM Top Sale” competition, and set a series of rewards. On the last Saturday,  there was an award presentation ceremony. In this competition, Karen won first place in the overall performance and became “XYM Top Sale”in September. And others won different awards. For example, davy has the most new clients among his clients and peny followed the most customers. After the awards ceremony, salesmen shared their successful experiences. Among the brilliant  achievements, It reflects the diligence and wisdom of all the staff, as well as the affirmation of the efforts made by the sales elite.  

promotion  promotion


We believe that everyone has gained a lot in this crazy September. In the new month, we have not been lax, so we will keep our attitude of fighting to meet new challenges. Hope Xinyimei becomes better and better in the future. The promotion came to a successful conclusion



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