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【Good news】March carnival promotion festival is in progress

 【Good news】March carnival promotion festival is in progress

The long-planned promotion festival is coming…

promotion festival

The wedding season is ready to come. As a wedding or event planner, do you have a good procurement plan? Have you bought the cheap and good furniture? The long-planned promotion  festival in March is in progress, lasting for about one month. The activity duration is Mar.4- Mar.31. We have prepared a big discount for you. What can you get from this promotion? Let’s talk about the maximum discount that you will able to get.


The First Activity : Coupons


You get 100 dollars off for every 10000 dollars spent.

You get 250 dollars off for every 20000 dollars spent.

You get 700 dollars off for every 50000 dollars spent.

(Coupons can not be superimposed.)

We only give out 50 coupons, first come, first served.

promotion festival


The Second Activity: Sale product


In contrast to previous promotions, in this March promotion festival, we launched more discounted items and higher discounts. You can choose from a wide range of products. Any event that purchases this type of product does not require the original price, you can enjoy a discount of 10% off.

promotion festival

The Third Activity: Limited-time discount products


Resin chiavari chair is a very popular product recently. For this resin chiavari chair, we will offer a limited time discount, if you place an order during Mar.18- Mar.24, you will enjoy a 15% discount. There is a higher discount for larger quantities.

promotion festival

The Fourth Activity : Free gift


The first customer (whether new or old) who places the order every week, we wil send you a mysterious gift, which may be beautiful chair cover, table cloth or trolley. The customers who order the highest amount each week, we will send you a value of $1,000 gift. Have such a good opportunity, don’t miss it. So hurry and place an order. Then this mysterious gift belongs to you!


promotion festival

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at any time.  


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