Panama Canal Promotes China-Latin America Cooperation

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【International news】Panama Canal Promotes China-Latin America Cooperation

【International news】 Panama Canal Promotes China-Latin America Cooperation

Panama Canal becomes one of the most important forces for the local economy.

Latin America

On the 21 day of Panama local time, the “one belt and one road” even China Pakistan cooperation and win-win development was held at the China Panama Friendship Conference. A number of members from Panama accepted an exclusive interview with Chinese journalists.

In their view, Panama, as the hub of Latin America, runs through the Atlantic, the Pacific and the north and South America. It can cooperate with China in the “one belt and one way” initiative.

Latin America

Congressman Louis Eduardo Giros: China is the second largest user of the Panama Canal

In connection with the “one belt and one way” initiative, he believes that Panama is a hub for China to extend to Latin America. After the two countries establish friendly diplomatic relations, they will bring countless opportunities. At present, a series of agreements have been signed between China and Pakistan. Panama has become a tourist destination for many Chinese people. Many Panamanian businessmen also go to China to participate in the first Shanghai Expo.

In Panama, many locals will call the Chinese “brothers” to attend the storytelling meeting. Several members of Parliament can pronounce the word “brothers” in Chinese or even Cantonese.

Chinese Congresswoman Luo Shuli: China and Pakistan are not only partners but also friends

Latin America

Luo Shuli was very excited to see the interview group from China. She pointed to her face and asked reporters to recognize the traces of “Chinese” from her face. She said that her mother was half Chinese and she was proud to be descendants of the Chinese people.

She said that China supports the development of Latin America and Panama needs to cooperate with China. Only one exchange meeting is not enough. She hopes that there will be more exchanges between China and Pakistan in the future. The Panamanian people will always keep an open mind and welcome China’s visit with open arms. In her view, money and security are Panama’s strengths. Now we have business relations with China. The two sides are not only partners, but also friends.


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