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【Wedding tips】 Outdoor wedding chairs idea

Outdoor wedding chairs idea

In recent years, many people choose to hold a outdoor wedding and get close to nature. The choices can be mysterious forests, fresh lawns, and lakesides with mountains.Beautiful scenery makes people feel good.  And compared with indoor, outdoor wedding has more creativity. Next, we offer some advice on how to make  a perfect wedding by chairs and make guests feel unforgettable. outdoor wedding chairs idea


1.Chair selection Outdoor wedding chairs idea

Outdoor weddings are affected by the weather and the seasons, and may experience rain and exposure. So it is better to choose some durable and sturdy chairs. For example, chiavari chairs, plastic folding chairs and ghost chairs are good choive for you wedding event. We have a variety of styles available. In addition, there are more options, you can click here to view more styles if you need.

Outdoor wedding chairs idea


2.Chair color Outdoor wedding chairs idea

There are many choices of chair color on the wedding, the chair color is based on matching with the overall wedding style. White is the most commonly used color and it is y to match the color of the lawn on the wedding venue. Secondly , wood material is also popular. Besides, some people like colorful chairs. It will make your wedding more special and interesting.

Outdoor wedding chairs idea


3.Chair position Outdoor wedding chairs idea

In generally, there are three ways of rectangular, circular and spiral to arrange the chairs. The arrangement of  the rectangular is the most common and suitable for formal weddings. Set the wedding ceremony stage in the center of the venue, and the chairs arranged in a circle surrounded by the center. So it looks spectacular.

Outdoor wedding chairs idea


4.Chair quantity Outdoor wedding chairs idea

The number of wedding chairs is determined by the quantity of guests present and the size of the venue. If it is a small wedding, it should be placed according to the number of people, and the chair should be reduced in moderation. If it is a large wedding, the number of chairs should be more than the number of guests present. In case there are too many people coming in temporarily.


5.Chair Decoration

The decoration of chairs is the most important part of the whole wedding arrangement. It not only shows the style of the wedding, but also expresses the couple’s own ideas. We wrote the previous article about the decoration of chairs. If you are interested, you can click here to view the article.