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【GT self-design】Innovation makes the world better

New Wedding Chair in GT- Innovation makes the world better

New wedding chair designed by GT professional designers has been come out!

We all like to hold a party to celebrate some important event, like wedding, birthday, graduation, promotion, etc. For people from different countries and regions, they have their own culture and custom, style of parties are quite different. We noticed this phenomenon, and then began to think: will there be a universal chair that everyone likes and suitable for different event scenes? The answer is NO! In an era of radical change, we need to innovate.

“New Product Development” will be the strategic focus of GT in the next decade. Guided by this direction, we hired a professional industrial designer at October. A “Brainstorming Session” with full participation will held every season to discuss the furniture trends. After several months of discussion, we have designed some new resin chairs!


The design of this chair is inspired by the flamingo in Africa. In recent years, flamingos have occupied an important position in the fashion world! In many cases of home decoration, you can see the pattern of flamingo! Our designer incorporated this popular pattern into the event chair. Image that, using hundred of chair in a banquet, the coming guests must can feel the passion of the African Prairie!

new design resin chair new design resin chair


From encountering, knowing each other, to getting marriage, each step has an irreplaceable meaning for the newly married couple! The implication of ladder is a further step, we hope that the life of new couple is happy and satisfactory! This is GreatTime’s wish for the newly married couple!

outdoor resin chair outdoor resin chair

Dala Horse

The Dala horse is a hand-polished and painted horse originating in Sweden. Around the 17th century, when winter came, the sunshine time in Sweden was getting shorter and shorter. Cold snow and shorter sunshine limit other people’s work. In Dalana, Sweden people mostly live by logging. Once went in the forest, they often to stay for half months. When loggers miss their children, they use wood carved into small toys. And give the toy to their children when they get home. Dala horse is a symbol of symbols of missing and warmth!

GT self-design GT self-design

Design inspired by life. In the coming day, we may launch some activities about collecting inspiration, pay attention to us if you are interested in! GT believe that Innovation makes the world better!

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