New Styles of Chameleon Chair Are Coming

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New Styles of Chameleon Chair Are Coming

New Styles of Chameleon Chair

Today we are going to show you the two new styles of chameleon chair!

The backrest of this chair is designed like a letter x, which looks innovative and has a sense of future technology. The metal texture makes it look with a sense of low-key luxury. In addition to the attractive appearance, it also gives the user a comfortable feeling. It is indeed a practical and beautiful design.

The backrest of this chair is inspired by the Phoenix chair. The Phoenix chair has been loved by people in recent years, and it can be seen in different wedding events because its unique minimalist style which can be easily matched in different occasions.

01 Material & Frame
New Styles of Chameleon Chair
Both chairs use metal iron as the chair frame, and we use a high-quality welding process to ensure the structural rigidity of the chairs, thus ensuring the comfort and safety. In addition, our chairs have undergone a series of violent tests, load-bearing tests to ensure the quality of the products and live up to the trust of our customers.
02 Seating
New Styles of Chameleon Chair
Following the tradition of the chameleon chair, both models come with cushions. We use high-density sponge to fill the cushions, which ensures the comfort of the chair and makes the cushion not easily deformed, which improves the durability of the chair.

03 Customized Service
New Styles of Chameleon Chair
We offer our customers with personalized customized service, from the spray of chair to the material and the color of the cushion. We all give our customers the freedom to choose. We always strive to provide customer with satisfied and quality service!
04 Recent New Products
New Styles of Chameleon Chair
The products below are our recent new products, some of them are our exclusive patent styles! We always manage to deliver the latest and high-quality products to all of our customers!
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