New Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Greet You

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New Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Greet You

New Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Greet You

Our team has come out three new stainless steel dining chairs, Lotus, Lucky number 8 and Phoenix, today we will show you them!

Lucky – 8

New Stainless Steel Dining Chairs

The number “8” represents good lucky and fortune in China. Chairs are suitable for outdoor and indoor weddings, restaurants and so on. The number “8” looks like an infinite pattern. We hope that everyone will be happier and happier in the future life!


New Stainless Steel Dining Chairs

Lotus represents a beautiful blessing and expresses a beautiful wish to the new couple. The combination of lotus design and stainless steel makes the chair look more charming and shining.


New Stainless Steel Dining Chairs

The Phoenix backrest has always been a classic style and has always been loved by people. This time we consider combining it with a stainless steel chair to make this chair look more noble and elegant.

Stainless Steel Chairs

The quality of our stainless steel products has always been well received by customers. From the practicality and aesthetics of the chair to the transportation of the chair, we are all consider every details for our customers. Our stainless steel chairs are sturdy welded and can bear more than 500kg. In order to ensure that the chair is beautiful and intact during long-distance transportation, we use high-quality carton packaging. We believe that customer satisfaction is our motivation.

GT Furniture is a 13-Year factory with advanced production equipment (including welding robots and high-tech injection molding machines) and more than 60 experienced workers. From the raw materials care selection, to high quality control of finished products, all the processes provided the high quality guarantees for GT’s products. Each order will be taken charge of by a patient and meticulous merchandiser who will pay close attention to your order and keep you informed of the latest status of your order.

For more information on our stainless steel products, please feel free to contact with us!