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【Introduction】New Arrival of Xinyimei Patent Chiavari Chair

New Chiavari Chair – Patent Design in GT

Patent Design of new chiavari chair has been put into mass production!

After the market research and the discussion of our team, the new arrival Chiavari chair designed by Xinyimei professional designer finally selected this popular resin chair for production.

New Chiavari Chair

The shape of this chair consists of two arrows in opposite directions with the oval back, and it looks in a simple style. Its material is made of high-quality imported resin materials, and its transparent color shines in the sun, which is very charming. Its backrest curvature has been improved several times, making it more ergonomic and more comfortable to sit on. Of course, you can also choose the color you like, we provide customers with professional customized services. It is said that this chair is inspired by the wisdom of the ancient Chinese ancestors – a square earth and spherical heavens. The theory of a square earth and spherical heavens in ancient China believed that it represented a balance of yin and yang, representing a natural harmony. For our wedding newcomers, this symbolizes a blessing of happiness between husband and wife. Not only that, the design of this chair has won the love of a lot of customers,and they hope that we can put it into mass production as soon as possible.

New Chiavari Chair

Based on the original resin style, we also provide a metal version of the same design to meet the different needs of customers in different occasions. The metal version looks with the metallic luster feature, and is more durable than the resin one.

Xinyimei has always believed that innovation is an important driving force for development. Innovation can inject new blood and strength into our products and services and even the industry. Therefore, we have a professional product development department and designers to create innovative products for our team. We believe in and adhere to the road of innovation, and we hope to provide our customers with quality service and quality assurance.