How to maintain your metal chiavari chairs?

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【Knowledge of chair】How to maintain your metal chiavari chairs?

【Knowledge of chair】How to maintain your metal chiavari chairs?

As an event wedding planner, purchasing furniture is one of the most important investments. So you will definitely buy high quality products.Chiavari chair is one of the reliable standards in event decoration world.Buying metal chiavari chairs is a wise choice because of its strong and durable character.

    metal chiavari chairs                                   metal chiavari chairs

After each event, even the most high quality chiavari chair need to do some chairs maintenance. In this article, we tell you how to maintain your metal chiavari chairs to make your chair look new. Keep reading!  metal chiavari chairs           

If you want your chairs always clean and attractive, It is best to wipe it down with a wet towel once after each use. But it sounds a bit cumbersome, not everyone can do it. If you have a large number of chairs, you can choose to clean your chairs thoroughly for two months. This will ensure that your chair is ready at all times.

metal chiavari chairs

You must repair broken chair in time. Check all chairs to make sure they are in good condition. An important feature of metal chiavari chairs is that you never need to make repairs, such as loose joints, replacement screws or filling cracks. Chairs purchased in Greattime are rust-proof and treated with high-quality paint.So you can use it with confidence. Even if our chairs were scratched, they wouldn’t fall in whole. At the moment, you need to Keep the chairs clean and cover them with paint.

metal chiavari chairs


When you are ready for chairs, it is necessary to buy chair covers depend on event theme. Not only protecting your chair from being scratched and taking in dust, but also creating an elegant atmosphere.

metal chiavari chairs

If you’re engaged in event rentals, stacking chairs to save space when stored in the warehouse, It is best to stack 7 pieces chairs once to prevent the chair from falling and being damaged. 

If you follow these recommendations, your chair will remain in good condition for many years and extend its life.

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