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【Gratitude】Thanks our industry teachers

mentoring system

mentoring system

【Gratitude】Thanks our industry teachers

The time of Teacher’s Day is different in different countries and regions. September 10th is Chinese Teachers’ Day, we always take this special day to express our gratitude to our mentors.

In XYM/ GT office, we adopt a mentoring system in our work. It’s mean that a experienced staff as a teacher and lead the a new staff to make a great progress together. September 10th is the best chance for our guys to say thank you to their “teachers”. As the reason like that, we hold a Thanksgiving Meeting.

On the meeting, every new staff prepare a short sharing content to show what they learn in these days. After the sharing, they gave a little gift and flowers which was prepare in advance to their Master Worker to show their thanks. The atmosphere was very touching at that time. And actually, we can see that all of our guys have made a great progress this year, no matter the product knowledge, negotiation skills or shipping knowledge. The mentoring system is really a good way for a company. The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from the hard-working employees, and the role of all benchmarks is very important. And the experienced staffs are benchmarks.

As time goes by, the new staffs grow, become reliable and professional. It is our honor that we can work together and become employees of XYM/ GT. We hope that our sale team are professional enough to offer good service to our clients. And in deed, I believe they can.

Finally, thank you Rose, Joyce and Jeffrey who is selfless and always share knowledge and experience to the new guys. It is your effort that makes our business grow up. Happy Teacher’s Day.

mentoring system

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