【 All Saints'Day】Let's have a Halloween party.

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【 All Saints’Day】Let’s have a Halloween party.

【 All Saints’Day】Let’s have a Halloween party.

Halloween, also known as All Saints’Day, is a traditional Western Festival on November 1, and October 31,  is the busiest time of the festival . In Chinese, it is often used to translate Halloween into All Saints’Day.

Halloween is actually a celebration of autumn festivals, just like the May festival celebrates spring. Druid, the priest of ancient Gaul, Britain, and Ireland, had a grand festival to celebrate autumn, lasting the whole day from midnight on October 31 to November 1. They believed that on that night their great God of death, Saman, summoned all the ghosts of those who had died that year, and that these evil ghosts would be punished by being nursed as animals. Of course, if someone thought of such a ghostly gathering was enough to frighten the simple-minded fools at that time. So they lit up the bonfire and watched closely the evil spirits. It is how the witches and ghosts all around the day begin. So far, some people in Europe are isolated from the rest of the world, and others believe that is true.

To celebrate Halloween , children dressed up as cute ghosts knock on doors and ask for candy, or they will make trouble. And it is said this night, ghosts dress up as children and join the crowd to celebrate , and humans dress up as ghosts in order to make them more harmonious.

Halloween is mainly popular in the English-speaking world, such as the British Isles and North America, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Today, some young people in Asian countries are also inclined to celebrate “foreign festivals”. On that eve , some large foreign supermarkets display Halloween toys and small vendors will sell some Halloween-related dolls or models to attract young people’s attention.

A parade wound be hold in New York City on Halloween Eve, bringing together vampires, zombies, witches, and scientific geeks. People are also welcomed to the parade. People of all ages, genders, classes and nationalities, even if you’re a coward, can join them have a ghost carnival.

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