【Notice!】Kenya will no longer accept certificates issued

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【Notice!】Kenya will no longer accept certificates issued by the two inspection bodies.

【Notice!】Kenya will no longer accept certificates issued by the two inspection bodies.

Kenya Bureau of Standards has announced an indefinite suspension of cooperation with China Certification & Inspection (Group)Co . , Ltd . , CCIC and Société Générale Surveillance and will be fined millions of shillings for letting unqualified products flow into the Kenya n market, according to a recent Kenya n media report.

At present, the Kenya Standards Bureau has not recognized the COC certificates issued by China Inspection and Certification Group and The SGS Far East Region (1, Japan 2, South Korea (North and South) 3, Indonesia 4, Malaysia 5, Philippines 6, Thailand 7, Singapore 8, Vietnam 9, Cambodia).


If someone has exported to Kenya must noticed that if they had done the COC certificates of these two organizations before, they might have become a “waste paper” and have to do it again! Please tell each other as soon as possible!

It is understood that China Certification & Inspection (Group)Co . , Ltd . , (CCIC) has been a designated agent partner of Kenya Standards Bureau since 2015. Its main task is to inspect the quality of the products from the country of origin. After confirming that the quality of the products conforms to the relevant standards of Kenya Standards Bureau, the products can enter the Kenyan market.


However, in a recent test, the Kenya Standards Agency found that the China Certification & Inspection (Group)Co . , Ltd . ,  violated the terms of the contract and did not perform its quality inspection duties. The containers were not screened, sampled, tested and sealed properly, and the certificate of conformity (COC) was not issued in time.

It is reported that in September 29, 2005, Kenya began implementing the pre export standard compliance verification plan (PVoC). Products in the PVoC catalogue must be certified as COC prior to shipment and provided to the Kenyan Customs upon arrival, otherwise they will not be able to enter the country.


After China Certification & Inspection(Group)Co . , Ltd . ,  and the SGS Far East region were suspended, only Cotecna Inspection SA, Veritas Bureau and Intertek International Ltd., which issued COC certificates, are now exported to Kenya.

“Kenya cannot continue to be a dumping ground for these inferior products. We must take action to protect the interests of our industry,” said Peter Munia, head of Kenya’s industry and trade department. Recently, Kenya has been cracking down on inferior products and smuggled goods. Last month, Kenya’s President Kenyatta ordered the disposal of fake and shoddy commodities, including rice, sugar, medical equipment, vehicles and building materials, with a total value of 1.5 billion shillings.


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