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How to install resin chiavari chair?

How to install resin chiavari chair?

We will give you guide to install resin chiavari chair.

Nowadays, More and more people choose clear chair of knock down design. So how to install is a question our customers often ask us. In fact, it is a simple operation. Let’ s tell you that how to install resin chiavari chair now.

How to install? 

Before installing, check that if the main accessories and supporting accessories are complete. The main accessories include:  1 BACKREST,  1LEG FRAME,  1 SEAT PLATE,  4 CROSSBARS; supporting accessories include:  8 LONG SCREWS,  5 SHORT SCREWS,  8 SCREW PLUGS, and one INSTALLATION MANUAL.

Start installation: On one side of the CROSSBARS and above the hole position of the BACKREST, there are the scale descriptions of A, B, L, and R respectively. Place the fixed horizontal CROSSBARS of the corresponding scale into the hole of the BACKREST, then splicing up the LEG FRAME to form the main frame of the chair. Make sure the main frame firmly with long screws. (Warmly suggestion: If you buy a large number of chairs, using a power drill to help can be more efficiently and the chairs will be firmer.) Install the SEAT PLATE on the main frame along the groove and press down firmly to secure the SEAT PLATE is fully embedded in the main frame. Then, flip the chair over and fasten the SEAT PLATE with short screws. Finally, inserted the SCREW PLUGS into the hole to make the chair looks better. The installation is complete!

How to pack?

Each main accessory is individually wrapped in a tough plastic bag to prevent collision damage during transport. All the supporting accessories will be packaged in a small plastic bag. One plastic bag contains the supporting accessories of one chair. We use 6mm thick carton as the outer packaging, one carton contains four chairs.

If you have some questions about our product, please feel free to contact with us.