Hotel Furniture of GT Had Been Taken Photos By Professional Team!

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Perfect Photography in GreatTime Furniture

Hotel Furniture of GT Had Been Taken Photos By Professional Team!

Hotel Furniture of GT welcomed the professional photographers to take commercial photos for them.

Perfect Photography

Furniture photography is a kind of high threshold in commercial photography. Every photograph taken by furniture is not easy to get. The idea before shooting, the layout of scenes, the control of style, lighting, angle, composition and details are time-consuming and laborious. So let me share a few things a professional furniture photographer must have.

1. Aesthetics
Aesthetic appreciation of a professional furniture photographer is very important, which is directly related to the final appearance of the effect of photography. A good and beautiful picture is to stimulate the advantages of the product, and can increase the purchase desire of customers, so a professional furniture photographer must have the first point is aesthetic.

2. conceive the final effect.
Before you shoot a product, you need to conceive the final effect you want to present in your mind. You need to know exactly what you want to express and what you want to show. It is necessary to communicate with customers in the early stage of shooting, understand the products, understand customer needs.

Perfect Photography

3. shooting angle.
The angle and composition of a good photograph are exquisite. The following two pictures are the oblique angles of the single product and the scene respectively. The meaning of the two pictures is to make the product more three-dimensional, not like a plane.

4. details of performance
In commercial photography, especially in the household industry, detail maps are very necessary, because many products are similar in appearance, so detail maps are a big plus.

5. color matching
Colour collocation is divided into inherent color and light color, inherent color is the color of the environment, the color of products, the color of walls, the color of ornaments, the color of light is mainly light. Good color matching can stimulate the visual nerve of the picture viewer and give people an amazing sense of impact.


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