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【Furniture details】High-quality banquet chairs in Xinyimei Furniture

【Furniture details】 High-quality banquet chairs in GT Furniture

GT only produces high-quality banquet chairs instead of the low-price ones.

In China, banquet furniture has a history of about 20 years. Its name is banquet furniture, which is subdivided into bauquet chair, banquet table and some necessary tables for the banquet.

 banquet chairs

The Banquet Chair appeared in the hotel in the early stage and was widely used in the banquet hall of the hotel. Because it is required by the use of the hotel, it has the following characteristics: light, comfortable and durable, easy to carry, easy to store and easy to manage. Therefore, metal materials or metals are generally used to bond with wood.

GT Furniture Banquet Chair Classification:

  1. According to the material, it can be divided into: banquet steel chair, banquet aluminum chair and stainless steel banquet chair.
  2. According to the style feature, it can be divided into: banquet armchair, banquet armchair and bar chair.
  3. According to the technology, it can be divided into rocking chair, imitation wooden chair and conventional chair.
  4. According to style, it can be divided into Chinese dining room chair, Western dining room chair and European banquet chair.

Banquet chairs are mainly used in the hotel lobby and banquet hall. The style of banquet chairs is simple. GT furniture banquet chairs are suitable for five-star hotel banquet hall, Chinese and Western restaurants, restaurants and other high-end catering places. They are also used as conference chairs and training chairs in the hotel multi-functional hall.

How to choose a high-quality banquet chair? How to choose the same material?

 banquet chairs

First, look at the shape of the banquet chair, whether the overall aesthetic, smooth lines;

Second, Banquet Chair seating feeling, whether the backrest is wrapped, close to the back, more comfortable, seating board and backrest sponge thickness is appropriate;

Third, look at the work of the banquet chair. Whether the details of the soft package are smooth or not, and whether the grinding of the frame is smooth.

The banquet chairs of GT Furniture are all proofed according to the design drawings. No error of 1 mm is allowed. They are strict with every detail. Therefore, the banquet chairs produced by GT Furniture are proportionally coordinated, size in place and more beautiful.

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