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【Interview】Heartfelt service —— An interview of GT TOP-Salesman

Heartfelt service

Heartfelt service

【Interview】Heartfelt service —— An interview of GT TOP-Salesman


Today, we are happy that GT Top Salesman — Joyce spared time from her busyness and accept our interview. Here is our dialogues (PS: “E” mean Editor; “J” mean Joyce) :


E: Congratulations that you get a 150,000$ Project Order last week 🙂

J:  Thank you!

E:  We all know that requirements for a project order are complicated, and many details need to be confirmed. During this process, a number of suppliers make mistakes. And how do you avoid this problem?

J:  Yes, indeed. When I received this quotation, I was shocked but I think it was also a opportunity for me. I made mistakes, but I never showed the mistake to my clients, so I need to checked the information and documents for more than three times before I sent.

E:  So this case spend you a lot of time?

J:  I think that was a cooperative partner who was worth to spend time on. If you want to service a clients goods, you need to spend time. This is a prerequisite, or you will be abandoned by the buyer.

E:  Why do you think this customer chose you among many powerful suppliers?

J:  I think I’m professional enough! HaHa!

E:  Of course!

J:  And it was a hotel project in Malaysia, they cared about the design and quality. Fortunately our factory was experienced to handle this project. I sent them samples with careful package and they was really satisfied with the details processing of our products. Besides, I like to make friends with my clients. To be your clients’ friend, you will know the demands of them deeply. What’s more, I think attentive was also a important point, business is a mutual process, when you treat your clients with heart, they can feel.

E: So how do you feel when they decided to make an order from you?

J:  Wow, I was excited that time. But to tell the truth, I learn a lot from this case and my clients at the same time. I’m sure I can do better next time. And I want to thank the support of my factory, I am proud of my factory.

E:  Thank you for your time!

J:  Welcome!

Heartfelt service Heartfelt service
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