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【GreatTime News】GreatTime printed the new catalog today!

GT furniture

GT furniture

【GreatTime News】GreatTime printed the new catalog today!

         Today, XYM furniture combined with its subsidiary —- GT furniture printed their new catalogs. The concept of the catalog stared since December,2017. 2018 is XYM furniture ( GT furniture )10-YEAR anniversary, this catalog is a good way to celebrate this special year.

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Let’s move to the catalog, you must care about what is the different between the new catalog and the used one?

1.The coverage is more comprehensive.

         Actually, our factory designed new model chairs and tables every year to meet the popular demand. But some new designs are ignored because it wasn’t printed in the catalog. As you all know, unique design chairs is a big gimmick for an event layout, It’s also a good new for the furniture purchasers and furniture lessor!

2.More effect images for reference.

         In order to display the products more directly, our typesetting designer added more feedback photos into this new catalog. You will know better our tables and chairs when you read our catalog, hope its can help you to choose your items in mind 🙂

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3.The weight is lighter

         Some of our clients reacted that our catalog is quite heavy, so this time we concentrate all the contents into a more lighter book, more easy to carry. We chose high quality paper to ensure the final printing effect because it’s a little gift for all of our customers!

4. Modern & Careful design

         After taking full consideration of people’s aesthetic view in contemporary, our typesetting designers designed a modern fashionable cover for this catalog. Come to inner pages design, they chose some eye protection colors carefully. They hope the book can give you a nice reading experience.

Finally, Thank you for our typesetting designers —- Annie and Elvis!!

wedding chair factory  GT furniture
Comparison of the new and used one                                  The new catalog

If you need the e-catalog, please feel free to contact us. Hope you like our new catalog 🙂