【Greattime team】 A meaningful event is always memorable

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【Team building】 A meaningful event is always memorable

                           【Team building】 A meaningful event is always memorable greattime team

In order to welcome the arrival of new employees of the company, enrich the life of employees, enhance communication and understanding between team, mobilize the enthusiasm , our company decided to organize a mountain climbing. It is a  good opportunity for everybody to relaxand get to know each other bettergreattime team


After discussion, we finally decided that our destination is Tea mountain. It is 8 kilometers southwest of hecheng street, Tea mountain spans three districts. The mountain trend northeast, the average elevation is above 300 meters, the main peak height is 540.6 meters. It is famous for the tea trees and many people were attracted to buy tea here in the past. greattime team

greattime team


Early last Saturday, We drove to the destination. After we took off the car, we started to climb. It is delightfully fresh and cool because of the morning air. While climbing a mountain,we enjoy the surroundings lovely view. We are so excited that we climbed fast at first. There are rolling hills and lush vegetation here. But after a while, some of us were tired and they didn’t want to go any further. We encouraged each other along the way. We slowed down and walked while resting, so no one fell behind. Union is strength. Let’s make progress together. Soon we went to the restaurant, we enjoyed local food and played games. Colleagues take care of each other, like a real big family. People feel happy, comfortable, fun to relieve anxiety in daily life.


greattime team


Along the way, we enjoyed the beauty, even if we were tired but very happy. Because the most important thing is that we went through this journey together. In addition to the usual busy work, we also need a short trip to relax ourselves. Through this meaningful activity, we feel that all the tiredness were worth it. Thanks the company for giving us this opportunity. Next we have to work hard, apply the spirit of persistence and solidarity to our work.