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【GT recommendation】 Take you into the most beautiful Foshan Ⅰ

                 【GT recommendation】 Take you into the most beautiful Foshan ⅠGreattime furniture

Many guests like to visit our factory.  After visiting our factory, they will ask us what interesting places are there. They came to China after a long journey. After a long journey to China, they want to relax themselves or Visit the local scenery during spare time after working . Our factory is located in foshan, China, which is an ancient town with a history of thousands of years. Today, let us introduce to you what is worth visiting in Foshan.

Foshan is a historic and cultural city, is the birthplace of Chinese opera, the famous martial arts village, township art, ceramics village, a food village.

1.Bruce Lee’s Residence  Greattime furniture
I believe you are familiar with the name Bruce lee. He introduced kung fu to the west and spread it around the world. Bruce Lee’s ancestral home is located in Junan Town, Shunde District, Foshan.The entire ancestral hall looks spacious and clean and solemn.The area is only 51 square meters, has been repaired, and has a number of photos of the life of Bruce Lee.Bruce lee’s ancestral home has welcomed tourists from all over the world for its celebrity effect.

Greattime furniture

Greattime furniture


2.Xiqiao Mountain  Greattime furniture
Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area is one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong. It covers an area of 20 square kilometers and has 72 peaks. Meanwhile, Xiqiao Mountain is an ancient volcano.There are 16 caves and 28 waterfalls on the mountain, especially spectacular.The whole mountain is densely covered with trees, and there are many kinds of rare plants and flowers. It is a great place to breathe fresh air and feel the embrace of nature.

Greattime furniture


3.The Ancestral Temple Greattime furniture
The Ancestral Temple known as the palace of Oriental folk art, is a national key cultural relic protection unit and a must-visit classic spot in foshan. After renovation, The Ancestral Temple has become a temple building with complete structure and strong local characteristics. There are many precious artworks in the temple.

Greattime furniture


4.Nanfeng Kiln Greattime furniture Greatti me furniture
If you want to understand the long history of shiwan pottery culture, it will be a great pity not to visit Nanfeng Kiln. Every day attracts tourists from all over the world.There are many special attractions about ceramic history in the scenic area. Apart from go sighting, visitors could experience pottery play and firing.

Greattime furniture

Greattime furniture

There are many famous scenery in Foshan that can suit your tastes.

We will continue to introduce more views of Foshan in the next article. Don’t miss it!

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