Event Design | Using Blue To Light Up Your Place

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How Blue Surprises Us In The Event Design

Event Design | Using Blue To Light Up Your Place

Pantone-the world’s most influential color company recently announced that the main color in 2020 would be blue, which will bring us a lot of inspiration for the layout of event design. Today we are going to discuss how blue can surprise us in the event design.

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Choose a blue tablecloth or table cover

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Choosing a blue tablecloth can make your event look like a blue ocean. The dark blue tablecloth has a noble and mysterious feeling, and the light blue gives a playful freshness. If you choose a blue tablecloth, you can consider gold and white, wooden or transparent chairs. If it is indoors and the lighting is more gorgeous, choosing a gold and white stainless steel chair will make your event space look more luxurious and charming; while with a white or transparent chiavari chair, your indoor event will look more pastoral style. 

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On the other hand, if it is an outdoor scene, such as grassland, seaside, pastoral, garden, etc., it will be more natural with wooden chiavari chair, or Louis chair, or cross back chair, or bentwood chair is also a good choice; in addition, a transparent chiavari chair is also the choice of many customers, because the transparent chiavari chair looks more fascinating in the outdoor sunlight, bringing you its playful tone.

Blue tone chair

The blue navy chair can be frequently seen in outdoor scenes, and its low-saturation tones well match with the natural environment. Of course, some hotel occasions can also consider using blue cloth banquet chairs (no matter iron or aluminum), and its frame can be golden paint since the combination of blue and gold will make the whole occasion look more classic.

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Charming blue background cloth

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In order to render large piece of the main colors of blue, a light blue tone backdrop seems to be a good choice, it can give your scene a fresh and refined feel.


The above introduces the products whose main color is blue. Of course, you can also just choose a little blue to light up the atmosphere.

Blue tone bow or chair seat

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Use blue chair seat or bow strips to decorate your light-colored chairs, like transparent chiavari chair products, or wooden chiavari chairs, cross back chairs, Louis chairs, etc., which are more commonly used in outdoor scenes and often complements the outdoor environment.

Small parts on the dining table

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In addition to the blue bow and chair seat mentioned above, we can also achieve the desired effect by adding small blue-colored objects on the desktop in light colors.

For example, blue table runnings, napkins, etc., the matching tablecloth should be light-colored, such as white, off-white, light gray.

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