Event Banquet Tables Choosing Tips For Your Venues

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Secrets About Event Banquet Tables

Event Banquet Tables Choosing Tips For Your Venues

How much do you know about event banquet tables? Do you know how to choose a more suitable banquet table for your event? What details do you need to pay attention to when choosing a banquet table? What details will your supplier not tell you? Today we will start our discussion on the topic of event banquet tables on these issues!

There are three types of common event banquet tables. I believe most of you have already seen them! So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these different types?

event banquet tables


PVC Banquet Table

PVC banquet tables are very suitable for hotel banquet occasions. Due to the addition of a layer of sponge on its desktop, it has a silent effect. The mute feature makes it possible to move the cutlery without affecting the conversation of the guests, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The PVC veneer is more able to ensure that this table has an excellent waterproof and oil-proof effect. As far as we are concerned, 90% of hotels will choose to use PVC banquet tables, not to mention those five-star hotels!

event banquet tables

Of course, in addition to choosing such a quiet, waterproof and oil-proof table, five-star hotels will also use stunning tablecloths to make their entire environment look more elegant.


Laminate Table

event banquet tables

Compared with PVC banquet tables, the cost-effective of laminate banquet tables will be higher. Although its appearance is not as elegant as the PVC table and the melamine table, but this table has the biggest feature, that is, the highly flexible processing. In other words, you can customize it according to your requirements. If you are looking for banquet tables for outdoor events, then laminate banquet tables are definitely worth choosing. Its plate structure is not easy to deform and is lightfast, and it is also suitable for moving frequently. What’s more, its advantage of fireproofing is also good fit in outdoor events.


Melamine Table

event banquet tables

Like the PVC table, the melamine table has a gorgeous appearance. However, because its plate structure determines that it is not suitable for outdoor activities and other scenes that require frequent movement and folding storage, it is more suitable for indoor occasions. But unlike the PVC table, because there is no PVC surface and its sheet structure, you need to pay attention to the waterproof problem when using this table to extend the service life of the table! Therefore, the melamine board table is a cheaper option than the PVC table, but because its appearance is more gorgeous than the laminate table, it is not the cheapest option among the three tables!


After reading the brief introduction of the event banquet tables of the above three materials, is it true that you are initiating? But even if you choose one of the materials for the banquet table, we always have ways to make your table worth the money! If you want to know how to do it, please contact us! We provide you with professional event furniture advice!

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