5 ways to decorate chiavari chairs at wedding

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【Wedding tips】5 ways to decorate chiavari chairs at wedding

5 ways to decorate chiavari chairs at wedding


Nowdays, chiavari chair becomes an indispensable tool for wedding banquet. In outdoor or indoor weddings, Chairs decoration are small details that are often overlooked in wedding arrangements. The arrangement and design of chairs is also a good place for new people to create ideas, not only for wedding themes. So how to design it? Let’s tell you, there are 5 ways to decorate your chiavari chair.decorate chiavari chairs



Ribbons have elegant features that can create a dreamy atmosphere for the wedding. According to the wedding theme or favorite habits, you can create a variety of model. For example, tying a bow at different positions on the chair.

chiavari chari decoration



It can be decorated directly on the chair and then dragged onto the floor to make it even more dreamy and elegant. Also, it can be woven on the railing of the chiavari chair back. decorate chiavari chairs

chiavari chari decoration


3.Muslin fabric

Just like an elegant skirt, it makes the simple decoration more layered, rich in visual effects, and makes your wedding full of sweet romance. decorate chiavari chairs

chiavari chari decoration



Flowers can be seen everywhere on the decoration of wedding. You can shape different kinds of flowers into bouquets, flower balls, garlands and so on. And then placed on the back or side of the chair. The color and size of the flower should be coordinated with the main color and scale of the wedding banquet hall. decorate chiavari chairs

chiavari chari decoration



In recent years, using board to decorate chairs is particularly popular in Europe and America. Most of them are used in the brides and the bridegroom’s chairs. It’s very special for your wedding.

chiavari chari decoration


In addition to the above decorations, there are other things to choose from, such as balloons, photographs and  bead chains, etc.

As long as you design with your heart,  it will have an unintended effect.

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