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【Industry News】Dealers must read – problems of customized furniture

【Industry News】Dealers must read – problems of customized furniture

    Furniture segment industry is growing fast in recent years, customized furniture as an important part of furniture have attracted a large number of companies. However, the customized furniture industry is not very perfect in contemporary. Looking back at the development of the customized furniture industry in the past few years, the problems that the majority of furniture dealers have encountered have become the difficulties for the development of customized furniture.


Lack of experience

    When facing with custom-made furniture industry which have been popular in recent years, the experienced companies in the furniture industry often seem to be at a loss. For many dealers, the experience of the finished furniture operation is difficult to copy into the customized furniture field. In fact, the current customized furniture still faces many difficulties. Therefore, once cooperate with an unreliable factory, the dealers are helpless.

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Lack of talents

    For dealers, qualified customized furnishing companies should be able to develop a complete “design system” for their own products. However, the current situation is that: although many enterprises have transformed their customized furnishing fields, the marketing system has not been synchronized, and eventually the market terminal talents are difficult.

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    Regardless of product issues or sales issues, the main problems facing the current customized furniture is the choosing of a reliable factory. In the final analysis, customized-furniture industry’s key problem is development of the enterprise! A number of new factories only focus on the  profit during the business, they neglect the optimization and perfection of their own systems. The final result of these companies is that from products design, processing and production, to marketing promotion, they can not keep up with the market demand all the time, that will delaying their own development, and implicate dealers at the same time.

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GT Furniture Tips: Be careful when choosing a cooperative factory! Just to be a wise customer!! 🙂