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【Feedback】Customers Feedback From Wuhan

Customers Feedback From Wuhan

We recieved customers feedback from Wuhan!

Earlier these days, our factory worked overtime until one o’clock in the morning, just to deliver on time! 300 pieces new design chairs have completed the shipping timely!😁😁

Customers Feedback

In the picture is our new chiavari chair, not long after it has been released, it was selected by this customer from Wuhan and immediately ordered hundreds of it! This chair features a distinctive curvature of the backrest and is very comfortable to sit on! The cushion is made of high-density sponge material, which is comfortable and not easy to be deformed. You can also choose different colors according to your choice. It is very individual design! If you’re interested in it, just click here to view more.

A few weeks after the delivery, we received the customer feedback from Wuhan and won the appraisal from our dear customer.

Customers Feedback

In addition to the new chiavari chair, this customer has chosen a very classic metal Phoenix chair. You can see the Phoenix chair from many different scenes, but this can’t stop it from being still loved by customers. We can see from the picture that the Phoenix chair is very well matched with the decoration style of the hotel.

From the pictures above, it seems those beautiful new design chairs well fit for the particular hotel, which makes the latter look elegant and charming.The client wanted to choose the dining chair furniture for his new hotel, and our new chair and classic phoenix chair seemed to match his hotel style. He told us it was a very pleasant cooperation. Because we have been very thoughtful about everything from pre-conference to post-delivery, we are very happy to receive such a high praise! Customers’ satisfaction is our driving force, we will continue our quality service!

If you’re interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. It will be a great honor for us to help you. 

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