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【Culture】XINYIMEI’s Corporate Culture

corporate culture   corporate culture

corporate culture   corporate culture

【Culture】XINYIMEI’s Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is an indispensable part of the enterprise. Excellent corporate culture can create a good enterprise environment, improve the cultural quality and moral standards of employees, form cohesiveness, centripetal force and binding force to internal energy, and form an indispensable spiritual force for enterprise development. At the same time ethics can enable enterprises to play a positive role, so that enterprise resources can be rationally allocated, thereby improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Today, we could like to talk about XYM’s ( also know as GT’s) corporate culture.


*Enterprise’s Goal:Casting brand with our professional craftsmanship, becoming benchmark of furniture industry.

*Enterprise’s Purpose: Innovating quality products, providing superior services and satisfying customers.

*Enterprise’s Mission: Improve employee’s living standard and achieve sustainable development

*Enterprise’s Team: Team cooperation, work hard and happily.

*Enterprise’s Criterion: Customers first, employees second, shareholders third.

*Enterprise’s Promise: Creative a first-class company for our employee who fight for their dream.


We pay great attention to talented people who with these following features:

  1. Be gratitude;
  2. Leader who is capable to build an elite teams;
  3. Shares common values of company culture;
  4. Be bold and responsible;
  5. With strong learning ability and high understanding.


We avoid talents who with these following features:

  1. Not identify with company culture and values;
  2. Someone who is lazy, passive, careless, irresponsible and disobedient;
  3. Someone who complain all the time.


XYM’s Baseline:

  1. Using company resources to seek private benefits;
  2. Leakage of company secrets;
  3. Transmit the negative energy forwardly in the company.

Staff who touches these bottom line will be dismissed at once.

corporate culture


Corporate culture is not a slogan, it’s a soul of our enterprise. We need to treat our company as our own home and abide by these guidelines together. Hope that XYM will develop better and better.

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