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【GreatTime】Tablecloth and Chair cover

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【GreatTime】  cloth factory with attitude

Many people like to buy some tablecloths and chair covers to protect their tables and chairs. I think it’s a very effective way to do that. A data collected from our regular customer show that tables and chairs with covers can be used longer for average fifteen months. If you are a event centre owner, when you need to held different style parties, you don’t need to buy different tables and chairs, tablecloths and chair covers are the best choice. Just like the phone case protect the phone, the table clothes and chair covers is a very useful tool.

Come to tablecloth, I think the quality is the most important factor. If the clothes quality is poor and easy to tear, it can not reflect its value, it’s useless and not worth to buy. With more than 15 years in disputing and selling the table cloth, we found a interested phenomenon, people from all over the world like the simple style table cloth. Many customers in our company like to choose the solid color cloth. The white color is the most popular choice as it can suitable for many occasions. For the table cloth, you need to choose the high quality one. The clothes are often made by polyester and elastic cloths, the polyester tablecloths is suitable for indoor event and the elastic can be used outdoor.      cloth factory

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There are many designs for the chair cover, different colors, different styles. As the price of the chair covers are cheaper than the tablecloths, you can have many choice. Many royal occasions, like hotel hall and the dinging hall, polyester chair cover is more suitable, elegant and useful. For the outdoor events, the elastic chair cover is better.

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Chair sashes is become more and more popular. Although the sashes can’t protect the chairs, but it can create an atmosphere, especially popular for wedding parties.

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Now, do you understand the function of the tablecloths , chair cover and the sash? I’m sure you can make a correct decision after real this article. If you still confuse in this question, just feel free to tell us, we would like to give you some advice 🙂