Christmas Culture in Different Countries

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【Festival】 How do you celebrate Christmas?

【Festival】 Christmas Culture in Different Countries

Christmas culture differs in different countries.

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In foreign countries, the status of Christmas is equivalent to the Chinese Spring Festival, their holiday customs are also novel and interesting. Besides Christmas trees and Santa Claus, do you know how other countries celebrate this grand festival? Let’s have a look!


For Americans who attach great importance to Festival culture, they almost spend their time dressing up and celebrating, not to mention Christmas, which is so important to them. They often rush to buy pine trees before Thanksgiving is over, and then hang lights, ornaments and Christmas socks on the Christmas tree with their own hands.

British people pay most attention to eating at Christmas, including roast pigs, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie and so on. Every family has gifts, and every servant has gifts. All gifts are sent on Christmas morning.

In France, the manger is the most distinctive Christmas symbol, because it is said that Jesus was born in the manger next to the people sing the Christmas song of Jesus, must drink, champagne and brandy is the traditional French Christmas wine.

At Christmas, there is a good custom in Italy. In order to thank parents for their upbringing for a year, children hide their compositions or poems in napkins, tablecloths or dishes before eating Christmas dinner. After a big meal, take it out and read it aloud.

celebrate christmas

The most classic Christmas event in Germany is to go to the market. The Christmas market in New York Fort, Germany, has become the most famous Christmas venue in European countries. Every year, many people come to attend the event.

In Poland, Christmas Eve is the first day of the party. The party begins when the first star appears on Christmas Eve. Then people begin to give presents to each other. On the second day, people visit relatives and friends. 

There are other customs that are not listed, Every country has its own way of celebrating Christmas, and we are no exception. Finally, we hope that all of you will have a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas.