How to choose chiavari chair with different materials?

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【Purchasing Tips】How to choose chiavari chair with different materials?

                                  How to choose chiavari chair with different materials? choose chiavari chair

chiavari chair

Chiavari chair is usually chosen for party event. It is popular with many wedding planners and event renters. When you purchase chiavari chairs, you are able to choose what materials chairs made of. Which one is more affordable? What colors? Which is best for your storage? choose chiavari chair


Wood chiavari chair  

Wood and resin chairs are less durable than metal ones. When used outdoors, chairs need to be protected from the rain. Wood chiavari chair is cheap if you want to get more chairs at the same price. It usually made out of soft wood, to prevent deformation, the manufacturer will add metal reinforcements. Because of the natural color of wood materials, the other two materials can not replace, if you want this real texture and classic appearance, is a good choice. choose chiavari chair 


Resin chiavari chair

Resin chairs are more expensive than wooden ones. Resin chiavari chairs fade and darken over time and sunlight, so you need to pay attention to maintenance. Resin chairs are the heaviest out of the three, so it can be very difficult to stack chairs. There is characteristics you will like about resn chiavari chair. Polycarbonate resin is scratch-proof. And Resin chiavari chairs available in transparent and solid colors. It can present different styles for your party.


Metal chiavari chair

Metal chairs are welded together for extra durability and strong bearing capacity. Under normal using, metal chairs have 5 years warranty period and longer than the other two materials. So these chairs are more durable than any other type of seat.

There are aluminum chiavari chair and iron chiavari chair. Iron is cheaper , aluminum is lighter and no rust. We would advise you to buy aluminum one. Aluminum chairs are perfect for outdoor activity and can withstand any weather. Besides, It can withstand years of heavy use and transportation and easy to clean. So there are advantages in storage, it is the best choice for rental companies and event halls.

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