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【Quality】How to choose high quality banquet chairs?

How to choose high quality banquet chairs?



Banquet chairs are suitable for different occasion, can be used as conference room chair, dining chair, wedding chair, events chair, etc. So banquet chairs have already hot sale for many years. banquet chairs

When you need to buy large quantities or a bit banquet chairs, are you annoyed with how to choose or distinguish high quality banquet chairs? Don’t worry. Now we will use a picture to tell you the difference between quality chairs and poor chairs. The one on the left is our chair, the right is others. Let’s have a look together !

The first part: Chair tube, if the pipe is not thick enough, is will change the shape after bending, we purchase 1.2mm thickness iron tube and 2.0mm aluminum tube to finished our banquet chair, the chairs will stronger!


high quality banquet chair


The second part: Fabric, the bad quality fabric will pilling and become thin under a long-time used, but ours will not.

foshan banquet chair


The third part: Cushion, poor spongy will change shape easily, once the shape change, the chair will become uncomfortable, but we choose high density stereotyped spongy, the chair is more durable.


stacking banquet chair


The fourth part: Painting. Only one layer painting is easily drop off when something attack the chair, our 3layer painting, our chair look more high-grade. The painting are not easy to drop even scratch it.


banquet chairs


The fifth part: Craftsman. On the bottom of the chair, you can see a big different that others chair are welding by point, and we welding in line. Line welding will make the chair framework more strong. There are many thorn point around the welding part because others chair are finished without polishing. Our chair are smooth because we polish after welding. Labor coat is the most important part of a banquet chair cost. With the careless craftsman, the factory will save the labor cost, at the same time they can product more chairs. But you can imagine how bad is the chair quality.


metal banquet chair


After knowing the difference between the two chairs, i think you keep something in mind while doing business. Compare the difference, you will see what quality of the chairs you will need in final.

Compared to others, Our banquet chairs are more strong and durable. The production and manufacturing technique, from the precision and error- free of screw the hole positio, from the high quality inspection of mtal to fabric, the combination of refined technology production process and high quality raw material, are the powerful warranty of the high quality GreatTime hotel/ wedding furniture.

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