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【Festival introduction】QIXI —- Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day

【Holiday introduction】QIXI —- Chinese Valentine’s Day

    “The QIXI” originated from people’s worship of natural phenomena.

    From the historical literature, at least three or four thousand years ago, with the understanding of astronomy and the generation of textile technology, there will be records about the Altair Vega. People worship the stars far more than the Altair and the Vega. They think that there are seven stars in the north and south of the East and West, collectively called the twenty-eight nights. Among them, the Big Dipper is the brightest, which can be used to identify the direction at night. The first star of the Big Dipper is called Kuixing, also known as the leader.

    Why QIXI is Chinese Valentine’s Day ? There is a romantic love story ancient about QIXI.

Chinese Valentine's Day

    Legend has it that there is a Vega in the sky and a Altair. The Weaver Girl and the Cattle Cow are in love with each other. However, the law of the heavens does not allow men and women to love and fall in love. The Weaver Girl is the granddaughter of the Queen Mother, and the Queen Mother will take the ox out of the dust, so that the Weaver Girl will continue to weave Yunjin for punishment.

    The work of the Weaver Girl is to use a magical silk to weave a beautiful layer of clouds on the loom, changing their color with time and season. This is “the sky.” Since the beggars were shackled, the weavers often washed their faces with tears and frowned at the morning glory. She sat on the loom and continued to weave beautiful Yunjin in order to win the favor of the Queen Mother and let the morning glory return to heaven.

    After the beggar was shackled, he was born in a peasant’s house and named it Niu Lang. Later, when his parents passed away, he followed his brother. The brother-in-law waited for the cowboy to be very mean. He wanted to be separated from him. He only gave him an old cow and a broken car. The other ones were monopolized by his brother. Then, they separated from the cowherd.

    One day, the old cow suddenly spoke. It said to the cowherd: “The cowherd, today you go to the pond, there are some fairies in the bath, you hide the red fairy, the fairy in the red fairy It will become your wife.” The cowherd saw the old cow mouth spit, and was strange and happy. He asked: “Now, can you really talk? Are you telling the truth?” The old cow nodded. The Cowherd quietly hid in the grass beside the pond, waiting for the arrival of the fairies.

    After a while, the fairies came. The cowherd ran out of the grass and took the red fairy coat. The fairies saw someone coming, dressed in their own clothes in a hurry, flying away like a bird, leaving only the fairy who could not escape without clothes. She was a weaver. The Weaver Girl saw her robes and was taken away by a young man. She was ashamed and anxious, but she was helpless. At this time, the Cowherd came forward and said to her that she would give her clothes if she promised to be his wife. When the weaver looked at it, I realized that the cowherd was the day of the night. In this way, the Weaver Girl made the wife of the Cowherd.

    After they got married, the men and women woven and weaved each other, and the days were very happy. Soon, they gave birth to a child and a girl, very cute. The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl thought that they would be able to live forever and grow old.

    However, after the mother knew this, she was so angry that she immediately sent a goddess to catch the weaver and return to heaven to ask for sin.

    On this day, the sky is raging, and the Heavenly Soldiers will descend from the sky. It is impossible to say that the woven women will fly into the sky.

    Flying and flying, the Weaver Girl heard the voice of the Cowherd: “Weaver, wait for me!” The Weaver looked back and saw the Cowherd with a pair of baskets, picking up two children, and came in leather. Slowly, the distance between them is getting closer and closer. Weavers can see the cute appearance of the children. The children are all open arms and call “mother” loudly. Seeing that the cowherd and the weaver are coming together. . But at this time, Wang mother came in with Xiangyun. She pulled out the golden plaque on her head and made a stroke among them. In time, a wave of Tianhe waves rolled across the weaver and the cowherd. .

    The Weaver Girl looked at the cowherd and children on the other side of the Tianhe River, and burst into tears, and the Cowherd and the children cried to death. Their crying, the children shouted “Mom”, it was so heartbreaking, tearing down, even the fairy goddess and gods who watched the sidelines felt sad and heartless. Wang Mu saw this situation and was touched by the strong love of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. They agreed to let the Cowherd and the children stay in the sky. Let them meet once every July 7th.

    Later, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, it was said that the girls would come to the front of the flower, look up at the stars, look for the Altair and the Vega on both sides of the Milky Way, hoping to see their annual meeting. I begged that God can make myself as ingenious as a weaver, praying that I can have a happy marriage, and thus form the “Qix” also know as the Chinese Valentine’s Day .