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We Wish You A Happy Chinese New Year!

GT Wish You A Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear customer, our factory will officially start the Spring Festival holiday on January 17, 2020, and will be open until February 2, 2020. All employees of GT sincerely wish all customers a happy Chinese New Year, good health and happy family. Thank you for your love for GT in the past year, we will continue to bring you the better products and services in the coming year! Thank you very much!

Chinese New Year

In the past year, we are very fortunate that we brought our products and services to different customers to more than 70 countries and got their satisfactory feedback. We have come with our mission to bring worldwide new couples a fantastic wedding, and have received a satisfied smile and affirmative words from customers. We are very grateful to everyone of you who have been always supporting us and giving us your most valuable suggestions.
In the past year, GT has focused its efforts on product research and development, from establishing a professional research and development department, hiring professional product designers to conducting market research, and witnessed the process of each patented product from its prototype to maturity to mass production. We are very pleased, because the results of our efforts are fortunate to be supported and affirmed by our customers. We have always believed that the power of innovation can promote the development of the company and can contribute to the advancement of this industry.
In the next 2020, we will pay more attention to the power of innovation, the product innovation, and strengthen production monitoring, improve the real-time production monitoring process, just in order to bring our customers a better purchasing experience, so you can feel reassured when you’re purchasing our products and feel comfortable while you’re using our products.
At last, we sincerely wish you a happy Chinese New Year! 

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