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【 Lantern Festival 】Something about the Chinese Lantern Festival

【 Lantern Festival 】Something about the Chinese Lantern Festival

Hi everybody, happy Chinese Lantern Festival

Do you know any about our Lantern Festival?

Here let me share with you.

First of all , today is the first full moon of the lunar new year, the moon is big and round, and It’s also a part of Spring Festival. After Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival celebration will come to an end in China. Chinese always attache great importance to the Lantern Festival.

Our people will eat Tang-yuan (also known as sweet dumplings) during this important festival, because it has a good meaning of sweet life and reunion. Traditional Tang-yuan are made of glutinous rice flour and fillings like peanut, sesame etc. It taste sweet and soft.

Chinese Lantern Festival

And the other celebrate thing is red lantern. Traditionally, every household hangs lanterns on this day. The streets and alleys are beautifully decorated with various lanterns. And many people like to walk along the street to watch lanterns. Children were happy and always held the small lanterns on the hand.

Actually this tradition of lantern festival began more than two thousand years ago in the Western Han Dynasty. In the earlier times, those beautiful lanterns were only seen in the imperial palaces. After that, it became popular and spread among the people. In ancient China, girls are not allowed to go out in the evening, but when lantern Festival, they were allowed to go out and watch lanterns in groups, and can meet boys, so it’s also a romantic festival known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Chinese Lantern Festival

Beside, in our Foshan city, peoples will have a big Event to celebrate the Lantern Festival in our own way.

That’s is “LINES OF  TONGJI ”. People in Foshan will get together and cross the Tongji bridge and Foshan people believe that cross Tongji bridge with the small windmill on Lantern Festival can bring them good luck all the coming year. People who was attend this event was increase Year by Year and already reach to 700000.00 at last Year.  It’s also a good way to experience the charm of traditional Foshan city for foreign friends. So how many peoples for this Year (2019) , Let’s expecting!

Wish you have a good day!

Chinese Lantern Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival

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