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【Import Expo】European business evaluation : an openning China!

China Import Expo | European business evaluation : an openning China!

China Import Expo Fair was already held in November 5th. 

The world looked forward to the gathering of thousands of businessmen. In November 5th, the curtain of the first China International Import fair was officially opened.


National Exhibition, enterprise exhibition, economic and trade forum, high-tech products… The highlights of the first Expo are diverse. A more open and confident China is using practical actions to build a common development platform for the world and contribute to China’s program of promoting global trade and cooperation.

On the morning of November 5, the highlights of the global trade community will be showcased at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The first China International Import Expo will open on schedule. This is the first national exposition with import as its theme in the world.


For European businessmen, at a time when Sino-US trade frictions are sharply warming up, European businessmen will not give up this good opportunity to accelerate the pace of deployment of the mainland market. Many European exhibitors have expressed their determination to support trade liberalization and economic globalization. European enterprises hope to seize this opportunity.

The report points out that the first China International Import Fair has officially come on the stage today with the anti-globalization, the rising trend of trade protectionism and the intensification of trade frictions and investment protection. It is regarded as a symbol of the new dividend of opening up and development for the mainland to the world once again.
European businessmen said that the Expo opened a door with huge potential for development behind it, so that participants can see a broader market and development prospects. “An Opening China” is a comment given by many European businessmen when they talk about entering the Expo.


As China opens its doors wider and wider, European businessmen believe that we will work together to achieve win-win cooperation at a higher level.

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