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Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival – Greattime Furniture

Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival has become a international festival.

Dragon Boat Festival

With the improvement of cultural exchange between China and Western countries, Nowadays, many countries also celebrate Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon boat race


“Have you ever seen a dragon boat race on the spot? The competition is very fierce and exciting. ” A foreign netizen said on Twitter.


 As a traditional event of Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat racing has moved towards the word. It is reported that more than 85 countries and regions in the world have launched dragon boat races.


Since 1979, the annual Boston Dragon Boat Festival has gradually become a traditional American cultural festival.


On June 16, 2018, the 30th Toronto international Dragon Boat Festival was held in Canada.  There are more than 5,000 participants from around the world were attracted in the two-day tranditional event.  


In addition,Singapore, Russia, Germany and other countries also hold dragon boat race every year. This interesting sport is even very popular in some countries.


Dragon Boat Festival

Eat zongzi


During the Dragon Boat Festival, you may enjoy a variety of cuisine that has been created just for the holiday. Zongzi is one of the most common treats.  In foreign countries, Zongzi has also incorporated more local characteristics.


In Indonesia, Indonesians use rice wrapped in meat and then curry spices to create curry pork zongzi, curry beef zongzi, and curry chicken zongzi.  In the Philippines,  the zongzi is generally long strips.


In Malaysia, It is worth mentioning that the famous “Nyonya”, also known as “Blue Zongzi”, is different in appearance from the traditional zongzi

Dragon Boat Festival

Holiday sales promotion

Dragon Boat Festival has gradually become a world festival. In order to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, Our company will offer some promotion. The activity time is June.5 -June.12.

  1. Ordering during the period, You are able to take part in a lucky draw.There are plenty of gifts, such as chair covers, table cloths, or trolleys. It is helpful for your event planning.
  2. You can get coupons. You get 100 dollars off for every 10000 dollars spent. We have prepared 50 coupons for our clients who will order during this period. Contact us and get it now.
  3. Regular customers who reorder during the period will get a 5% discount.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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