Caution ! Some law breakers cheat on buyer with our company name!

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【Caution】Some law breakers cheat on buyer with our company name!



【Caution】Some law breakers cheat on buyer with our company name!

Recently,we found that some law breakers are using the name of our company ( XINYIMEI Furniture / GreatTime Furniture ) to cheat on buyers , and provide inferior products or even nothing to the buyers. This is harmful not only to the benefit of consumers, but also affects seriously the reputation of our company. We are here to remind our customers, before you pay money, please call to our office (Number: +86-757-81867326) to confirm if the sales is from our company and the authenticity of bank account number. Ensure your property is safe.

Beside, XYM/ GT could like to remind all the buyers that a low price can’t buy some fine quality items! When you decide your business, you need to know the market, and the price can’t be the only factor you consider. Everyone should learn to be a wise customers!

Like this case, a cheater pretended to be our sales and cheated this client with the low price. This clients had a heartbeat and paid full amount to the cheater without hesitation. After she paid, she never heard of the swindler again. Money cheated and got nothing, a sad story! As a factory, we really know that is it not easy to earn money, so we should pay more attention you business partner and protect you hard-earned money. Hope that this tragedy will not happen again.

Caution Caution Caution

If you want to purchase some hotel or events furniture, please remember our logo. We are reliable factory with more than 13 years experience, we could try our best to offer you the the reasonable price with the high quality goods. How to check up the authenticity of our factory? We can offer free on-line real-time factory and showroom inspection service for you! Welcome to contact us freely.

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