Caring Colleagues-XYM Has Adopted a Lucky Dog

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Caring Colleagues-XYM Has Adopted a Lucky Dog

Caring Colleagues – GT Has Adopted a Lucky Dog

Our caring colleagues have been apdoted a stray dog and named it Lucky.

This cute dog, named Lucky, was playing in our office in someday morning when we found him and it seemed that he didn’t want to leave, and there was no owner to find him, neither.  So our colleagues put forward the proposal of every one of us to raise this lovely stray dog, and everyone agreed with this afterwards.

Since the arrival of Lucky, Xin Yimei’s office has added more laughter. Everyone can find fun in Lucky when we are tired of work. Everyone loves him. We believe that he can bring us good luck, so we named it Lucky.

Caring Colleagues

Lucky usually likes to play around us, and likes to sleep at our feet, everything can be his toy, even if it is just a simple leaf, he can play for himself all day long. Every morning when we enter the office, he always sits at the door and shakes his tail to welcome us, just like to welcome us to start a good day. He looked at our eyes full of sincerity and love, and his every move has the innocence and childishness of children.

Caring Colleagues

As Lucky grew up in Xinyimei, he also had more needs and guarantees for growth. Therefore, our colleagues proposed a charity fundraising campaign for him. We hope everyone dedicate their love to Lucky’s daily diet, provide protection and escort his health.

Caring Colleagues

After this proposal was put forward, everyone supported and participated actively. Everyone offered love for this lovely dog ​​and made many interesting and useful suggestions. Some said to buy snacks for Lucky, some said to buy him toys, and some said to give him a physical examination, vaccines and so on.

It seems that everyone has been captured by this lovely dog, thank for the love of our caring colleagues, and hope that the Lucky Puppy can thrive in our company!

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