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【Production Introduction】Where to buy banquet chairs?

【Production Introduction】Where to buy banquet chairs?

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Banquet chairs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any event. Many buyers will choose buying banquet chairs for hotel business or event rental. If you are a dealer, you need to buy large quantities and want stable quality. They need banquet chair to expand their business. For better development, It is important to choose a suitable supplier to purchase banquet chairs. so where to buy high quality banquet chairs at great price? buy banquet chairs


Choosing banquet chair depends not only on the price but also on the craft and workmanship. At the same time, it depends on whether the banquet furniture manufacturer’s after-sales service response.


First of all, the banquet chairs of our company is made in China. Compared with western countries, China’s labor costs are relatively low. Banquet chairs are usually made of metal and the frame is welded with metal steel or aluminum. China is a major exporter of raw materials in the world, so metal materials are relatively cheap. Because we are manufacturer and no need to go through multiple links. Instead of cutting the manufacturing cost of the product itself, it returns the profit directly to our consumers. So we can offer you great price.


Secondly, Greattime has more than 15 years of experience on manufacturing and exporting in banquet furniture. We has served more than 60 countries across 6 continents. Greattime furniture owns advanced production equipment, masters first-class product production. The back rest of banquet chair is comfortable and soft, filled with high-density rebound sponge. And Padded cushion, resistant to sitting and deformation. Thickened steel pipe, solid and firm. Precision electroplating welding process, fine gloss, prevent rust. Our banquet chair is 3 years warranty period in normal. If the chair is used for a longer period of time, the cost will be lower.Compared with other merchants, our quality is more advantageous. If you want to know more, you can click here.



Thirdly, there are 12 professional salesmen who can answer any questions 24 hours a day. 80% of our salesman has over 5 years of experience and is familiar with all kinds of products and merchandise exports process. If you receive any problem with the product, we will give you a solution in time.


So where to buy banquet chairs?  Choosing Greattime furniture, it is your wise choice. 🙂